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ConstellationCenter’s Public Art Installation


ConstellationCenter has hosted a temporary public art installation for the past several years on our future site at Kendall and Athenaeum Streets in Cambridge.

The following works by New England artists have been displayed:

Meet the Current Artist:

Pablo Eduardo: Las Furias

Pablo Eduardo: Las FuriasArtist Statement
Las Furias, composed of steel and wood and standing at 21 feet, honors the relationship between music and art and pays homage to the power that music has to transform. This sculpture was inspired by the objectives of the future site of Constellation Center. The simple silhouettes recount the myth of Orpheus, while the haunting, abstract sounds of the bells invite the viewer to a representation of when the Furies wept for the first time.

Pablo Eduardo is a Bolivian-born sculptor. His distinctive sculpting style, termed “neo-Baroque” is a bridge between contemporary realism and mystical awareness. Building on the cornerstone of contemporary art and magical realism, his sculptures capture a vignette of artistic metamorphosis and celebrate the tensions continually at play between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

Over the past 20 years, sculptor Pablo Eduardo has been constantly contributing to contemporary public works for both temporary and permanent installations. Eduardo has collaborated with numerous cities, educational institutions, and private benefactors to produce and install large-scale sculptures. He takes great pride in the fact that each project’s completion was the result of a community endeavor, not just an individual effort, which is reflective of his larger philosophy on the role of an artist as an interpreter.


Foreshadowing Light
Ross Miller


Tim Murdoch

Gary Orlinsky

Reclining Nudes
John Tagiuri

Sprouting Growth

Sprouting Growth
Anne Alexander

House of Cards
Lisa Greenfield

Arch III

Arch III
Ann Jon

Finding Fault
Andy Moerlein


Rachel Newsam and Vaclav Sipla

Heaven and Earth
Obie Simonis


Carolina Aragón



Fence/Curtain 1.0
Jeanne Williamson

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