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ConstellationCenter will contain five halls within one building, each hall designed to serve several different kinds of performances in a compatible way.

The Great Hall is the largest of the five halls and provides performance layouts for large-ensemble music, Hollywood Golden Age film, gala banquets and balls, important speaking engagements, international conferences, and personal celebrations. It will seat approximately 1000.

Seating up to 750, The Odeon, will be the only fully-functioning Baroque opera house in North America, and the first built anywhere in well over a century.  The Odeon serves as an opera house and a playhouse, a symphony hall, a wide screen cinema, as well as a venue for jazz, folk, world music and new music. 

The Oratorio, with a seating capacity of 250, offers the intimacy of a small screening room and is ideal for early music, pipe organ, experimental digital arts, contemporary music, jazz, spoken word, and independent film.

The Jewel Box is a perfect space for small ensemble music, spoken word, comedy, experimental theater, lectures, business functions and receptions for an audience of up to 200.

The smallest of the five halls, The Music Salon, provides an intimate space suited to chamber music, small ensemble music, art-house and independent film, cyber and digital arts and visual art exhibits.  The room will also accommodate educational seminars, lectures, classes, presentations, banquets and private parties for 100 seats.


The Great Hall

Acoustical model of
Great Hall

The Odeon

Acoustical model of

The Oratorio

Acoustical model of

The Jewel Box

Acoustical model of
Jewel Box

The Music Salon

Acoustical model of
Music Salon

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